Talos 55 Excavator Side Grip Vibro /Hydraulic pile driver

Excavator side grip vibro hammer for sheet pile is suitable to drive and extract sheet piles for different geological situation except the hard rock layer. It is the optimum solution in limited space and sensitive environment. With its innovative features, this side grip vibro will increase your excavator’s profitability, and also reduce transportation . It is proved to be a useful and reliable tool in piling industry. 

It is very easy to be installed in the excavator, just take off the bucket and install the hammer, connect the pipes, then it can work. The side grip vibro hammer can drive the sheet piles both from the side and the top, no lifting height limit of the excavator boom, thus can drive 6m piles, 12m piles, or even 18m pile if the soil condition is soft enough. 


Technical Data :

Talos 55 Excavator Side Grip Vibro /Hydraulic pile driver 

Model TALOS 55  TALOS 65  TALOS 75
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 5.5 6.5 7.5
Max Centrifugal (KN) 545 643 742
Frequency (rpm) 2300-3000 2300-3000 2300-3000
Bottom Clamp Force (KN) 306 336 336
Side Clamp Force (KN) 416 456 456
Size (L *W *H) 1109*1124*2470 1122*1129*2510 1122*1129*2510
Throat Width (mm) 870 920 920
Weight (KG) 2555 2655 2755
Rotate / Tilt Angle (°) 360/±40 360/±40 360/±40
 Excavator Class (T)  20-30 30-40 40-50
 Engine Power Min (KW)  110 150 180
 Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (bar) 320 320  320
 Return Pressure Max (bar) 5 5 5
 Pile Lenght (m) 6-12  6-15  8-18

Project Photos:

Talos 55 Excavator Side Grip Vibro /Hydraulic pile driver-Yongan Piledriver